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A case study by Ed Stafford

Ed Stafford came to fame when he walked the length of the Amazon River over an epic 2 and a half year journey through some very dangerous landscapes and territories. Pushing forward through not only heavy jungle and difficult environmental conditions but also through drug cartel controlled territory with a single purpose of achieving his objective.


The trip caught media attention and earned him an explorer of the year award and a place in The Guinness World Record book. The extraordinary journey “ Walking the Amazon” can be seen on several of the documentary channels. You can also find out more about Ed’s expeditions on his website



Ed liked the concept of our Ecco Stove range and had one of our surveyors inspect his beautiful but large listed property in Market Harborough, Leicestershire to see if the Ecco Stove could be a suitable alternative heating source. In this video both Ed and his wife Laura talk about temperature levels in the house before and after installation as well as the difference it has made to their living conditions.


If you think the Ecco Stove could be a worth a look for your home or public space you can speak to a member of our team on +441527 857814 or email