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  • E850
    circle Wraps Your Home In Warmth
  • E580
    circle Wraps Your Home In Warmth
  • E678
    circle Wraps Your Home In Warmth
  • E730
    circle Wraps Your Home In Warmth
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Heat storage

The Ecco Stove® masonry heater retains a high proportion of the heat generated from the fire. Heat is also absorbed from the flue gases as they pass through the stoves contraflow channels for maximum efficiency. Once the heat has been stored it will gradually be released over a 7-12 hour period so as not to overheat the area.

Using stored heat you can reduce how often you need to light and fire your stove giving you the benefit of sitting back and enjoying the warmth. If you want to see a fire you can still throw on the odd log every hour or so just for the crackle and cosy glow.

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Ecco Stove ® E730 - Natural body with grey castings