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Cliveden Estate - Not All Our Stoves Are Used For Big Jobs?

Cliveden Estate is a National Trust property nestled between High Wycombe and Maidenhead. The Estate has been home to a number of Dukes and Earls utilising its' proximity to the Thames and London. 350 years of grand houses have existed on the site – two previous mansion houses have burned down, and the one we see today dates from around 1850 and was designed by Sir Charles Barry. Barry’s designs included quite industrial construction under the floors, and an early rainwater harvesting system which fed underground water tanks – to help prevent such an event happening again.




The site is open 363 days a year to National Trust members and Visitors, and is one of the Trust’s busiest sites. Cliveden Estates Information Centre had a wood burning stove to keep visitors and staff warm, but after a health check found the flue had become damaged and the stove itself was also at the end of its usable life.


  Clivedon House National Trust Ecco Stove 4

Taking the opportunity to upgrade, the Ecco Stove 580 model, though capable of heating a much larger area, was eventually chosen for the resilient properties of Silicon Carbide and ability to continue to emit heat for 5-6 hours after the fire has gone out.


It has also provided clean burning and safer alternative due to lower surface temperatures and efficient use of gas flow technology. With a rotation of volunteers it is also important that the controls are simple and the Ecco Stove runs on one simple control via the ashpan for initial combustion air and pre-set air intakes ticking the final box.




The installation was carried out by A1 Clean Sweep who maintain several of the National Trust's chimneys In the area. A powder coated twin wall flue system was used to ensure fire safety and a colour that would complement the existing signage on the information centre.




If you are a National Trust member or looking for a great day out why not visit Cliveden Estate while experiencing the Ecco Stove at the same time during the colder months.



Call our team to find out more about the Ecco Stove and we can send you an information pack.