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Heating capacityUp to 140m(1500ft²)
Rooms HeatedUp to 6

Fuel types

Wood logs or smokeless fuel
Tested on Wood logs
Standard tested to EN13240
Defra Exempt
Height 730mm (28¾”)
Width 580mm (22¾")
Depth 500mm (19¾”)
Weight 270kgs (595lbs)
Flue outlet dia 150mm (6”)
Flue centre from rear 136mm (5 1/3”)
Output at EN13240 6.6kw / 21500 BTU
Log length 370mm (14½”)
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Being one of the smallest masonry heaters  available, the Ecco Stove ® E580 will heat the home without over heating the initial room. The compact design is in keeping with the more traditional wood burning stove but with the benefit of spreading heat over a larger area, storing the heat for longer and a highly efficient combustion system.

Masonry heaters are traditionally heavier than normal wood burning stoves due to the considerable advantages of thermal mass.

Ecco Stove ® E580 features:

  • 5-6 hrs heat retained after fire has extinguished.
  • No radiators, ducting or electrics required.
  • High quality solid mineral throughout (Silicon Carbide).
  • Air wash clear glass.
  • 10 year warranty.
  • Extensive range of colours.



Download Specification Sheet for the Ecco Stove E580

Having owned an Ecco Stove 678 for the past four winters, I thought I would let you know what a massive difference it has made.

In general, the house is warmer than when we used the central heating and the Ecco Stove has turned a cold and unused area into the place of choice to sit.

Our house is large with four bedrooms. Half is over 100 years old and thermally inefficient and the other half is a twenty year old extension. The stove is positioned in an open area in the centre of the house where heat can circulate to all rooms.

Usage - we use approx seven cubic metres of logs per winter. When the daytime temperature is around 10°C, we light the stove late morning or early afternoon. As the daytime temperature decreases, we light it earlier. At the moment (April 2017), with daytime temperatures at around 12°C and 3°C overnight, we light the stove at lunch time, get it up to temperature and keep it there for a couple of hours, then let the fire die. The house stays warm through the evening and isn't cold in the morning.

Central heating - during winter 2015/16, which was quite warm, we used the heating for approx 14 hours. This winter (2016/17), which has had much colder spells, we have used the heating for approx 28 hours. Even when the daytime temperature was plus 1 or 2°C and night-time was -7°C, we still didn't use the heating. The whole house is warm whereas before the stove was installed, we kept room doors closed and only kept a few warm.

We often say how glad we are that we had the stove installed. Visitors comment on how much heat it produces and its design, which looks good even in a period setting. So far, we have had two different chimney sweeps and neither have seen anything like the Ecco Stove. Last year's even took photos to show his guild and trade colleagues.

I hope this gives you some useful information on how one of your stoves is used and I would like to say a big 'thank you' for your excellent service.

Yours sincerely,



Gordon - Cambridgshire