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The following Insights provides some useful information about the unique features and specifications of the Ecco Stove ®, as well as comparisons between the effectiveness of the heat storing silicon carbide material versus the more traditional masonry and steel or cast iron stoves. Check back regularly for more interesting Insights. 

A Christmas with the Ecco Stove

Find out how one family found their first Christmas went with the Ecco Stove and what difference it made to their day.

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Cotswold Preview Magazine September 2016

Find out what the Cotswold Preview Magazine had to say about the Ecco Stove range of Masonry heaters here.

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Ecco Stove – The simple heating solution for listed properties

Finding the right heating solution for your home can be difficult, especially when you have a listed property where restrictions are in place on what you can install.

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Why Thermal Mass Heaters Should Be In Your Plans?

Thermal Mass heaters offer many benefits that cannot be replicated in traditional steel or cast iron stoves. Find out more here....

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Building Your Own Masonry Heater

Building your own masonry heater can be much easier using the Ecco Stove®.

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Ecco Stove - Owner Top Tips

Ecco Stove - Top Tips for the Ecco Stove owner to ensure you get the very best out of your stove.

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