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28 July 2016

Why Thermal Mass Heaters Should Be In Your Plans?

The masonry heater is an age old concept going back hundreds of years in Scandinavia and Europe as well as the USA and Canada. The concept is simple, create a high combustion temperature for maximum efficiency then channel the waste gases through heat absorbent material to reduce wasted heat loss to the atmosphere. The heat is then stored in the material and then slowly released over a time period dependent on the retention properties of the material (The Silicon Carbide Ecco Stove ® E678 will still release 25% of its charged heat 12 hours after the fire has gone out).

The benefits of this type of heating are high.

• Lower chimney maintenance requirements due to low emissions and reduced heat loss and condensation which can cause the chimney lining to break down give a longer life span to the flue system.

• As stone, Silicon Carbide, ceramics and similar heat retaining products release the heat over a longer period of time without overwhelming the room by the sudden and rapid change in temperature of the living space.

• A safer environment is created for pets and children due to the surface temperature of the heater being much lower than that of a steel or cast iron stove.

• High efficiency due to the concentrated, reflected heat within the combustion chamber. With much higher temperatures than conventional steel or cast iron stoves gasification is achieved faster for potentially carbon neutral emissions and more environmentally friendly operation.

• Reduced loading times due to stored heat. As the heat is gradually distributed from the thermal mass the fire does not need to be in constant operation ensuring the user can enjoy the heat without constant supervision.

• Having a stone / ceramic fire in your living space creates a more natural feel and becomes more of a part of the room and home. Often a masonry heater will become the heart of the home due to these characteristics and those who have used them are much less likely to revert to conventional products.


The Ecco Stove ® has been in development over the last 7 years and is rising fast as an alternative solution to the traditional stove by those looking to get more out of their fire. Manufactured in the UK and exported to Belgium, France, Germany, Japan, USA & Canada with certification for both EN13240 and EN15250 in Europe along with EPA exemption and the Washington and Colorado EPA parallel in America and also satisfying Din Plus in Germany (further testing listed on the website).


As listed in Fires & Fireplace Magazine August 2016