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The following Insights provides some useful information about the unique features and specifications of the Ecco Stove ®, as well as comparisons between the effectiveness of the heat storing silicon carbide material versus the more traditional masonry and steel or cast iron stoves. Check back regularly for more interesting Insights. 

Comparison With Steel or Cast Iron

Silicon Carbide has far greater potential for both storing and emitting heat gently compared concrete, steel or cast-iron.

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Comparison with a masonry heater

Silicon Carbide has greater mass and density compared to typical materials used in other heaters.

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Silicon Carbide

Silicon Carbide offers some of the best energy efficiencies and low levels of carbon available to create unique heat storing capabilities.

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Wood fuelled heating

Made with cutting edge Silicon Carbide material, the Ecco Stove is a wood fuelled heating system like no other.

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Water heating test

Our in-house test facility is currently developing new concept applications to deliver domestic water heating from slow-heat release technology.

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Heats much more of your home!

Heat much more of your home than just one room. More efficient than traditional wood burning stoves.

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