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Installing A Wood burning Stove In A Thatched Property

Using a a wood burning or multifuel stove in a thatched property can be a concern due to sparks and embers as well as high flue gas temperatures. The Ecco Stove may be your solutio...

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Become An Ecco Stove Installer, Dealer or Importer.

Looking to add masonry heaters to your product range and get a whole new customer demographic? - We have dealer, installer and importer opportunities. Click on this link to learn m...

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Are Wood Burning Stoves Going To Be Banned In The UK?

No! - Here we explain and provide some links to guide you in what is happening and how it will affect you and your stove or future Ecco Stove.

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Can Wood Be Burned Cleanly?

Radio 2 had an interesting piece today on the Jeremy Vines discussion regarding wood burning fires and stoves. In this blog we discuss why we need wood burning stoves and how you c...

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Hearth & Home 2017

Hearth & Home Exhibition is an European show - going to take place for the 21st consecutive year - dedicated to the Fires, Stoves and Fireplace industry which brings together all a...

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The South Downs Green Fair

The South Downs Green Fair welcomes in the warmer weather with a festival atmosphere. Set around the Sustainable Energy Centre in Petersfield, Hampshire you can enjoy a range of fo...

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