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03 February 2017

New Ecco Stove EC645 Model | The Most Efficient Stove In Our Range To Date

Over the last 12 months our team have been developing a new model for the Ecco Stove masonry heater range after listening to our customers, feedback from our dealers and combining what we have learnt from developing the other models in the range. This has culminated in the release of the EC645 which is available as of the 1st February 2017.



Passing the EN15250 slow heat release standard at an incredible 93% efficiency has meant that the EC645 has taken over as the most efficient model in the range with some great features. With both top and rear exit options for flue connections to make finding an installation location even easier. The Stored heat of 25% at 8.3 hours will provide balanced heat long after the fire has gone out creating the comfortable warmth the Ecco Stoves have become so well known for. By bringing the airwash intake of to the rear of the stove the front spinner has been removed to create an even cleaner design. The contraflow channels also now cross over beneath the fire chamber to balance the heat distribution even further and reduce the waste heat to atmosphere even more. 


A hot box for supplementary hot water supply or warm air ducting is already in the design stages and we hope to have it available in the next 2-3 months. (The hot box is already available for our E678 model providing an option to duct heat to rooms that cannot be heated naturally due to location or separation from the Ecco Stoves heat convection.)


  • Tested to EN15250 
  • 93% Efficient
  • Stored heat 25% at 8.3 hours
  • Heat up to 220m² / 2368ft² home
  • Rooms heated up to 10
  • Top & Rear exit


If you would like to get a quote for installation or more information on what the EC645 could do for your home why not get in touch with our team on +44 1527 857814 or email