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Why do pets love masonry heaters?

Every year we get photos from our customers and dealers with not only the customers enjoying their new Ecco Stoves, but also their four-legged friends. Sometimes they are so close to the fire you would think they would be too hot!


But that is where a masonry heater differs from a traditional metal stove. Made from dense materials such as brick, stone, clay or in the case of the Ecco Stove Silicon Carbide, a masonry heater provides a much gentler distribution of heat. This makes it easier for animals to acclimatise to the temperature and indeed for us too.


Having a much lower surface temperature than metal stoves also makes the stove much safer for children as well, being between warm and hot to the touch without scalding. By using the thermal mass benefits of the Ecco Stove, stored warmth will continue to be distributed for many hours after the fire has gone out ensuring you, your family and mans best friend are not just warm while the fire raging.



Many of our customers remark about the difference in the heat delivery from an Ecco Stove compared with their traditional previosly owned metal stoves. How they had previously had to open doors and windows to try to cool the room. The Ecco Stove instead maintains ambient temperatures typically between 18-24°c in most areas the heat will reach rather than high disparities between each room. Our team can provide a free estimate of the temperatures you could find room by room if you are interested in finding out more. 


If you think your home needs a warm heart, why not call or email our team today and find out more.