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With high efficiency and very low carbon emissions, the Ecco Stove ® heats a greater area from a single source, making it the ultimate alternative to a traditional wood-burning stove and one of the most unique masonry heaters on the market today.

The Ecco Stove ® masonry heater generates extremely high combustion temperatures within its burn chamber, which in turn results in industry leading clean burning efficiency and low emissions levels. While achieving this, the Ecco Stove ® still manages to maintain a relatively cool and slow heat releasing outer body temperature, which is one of its main characteristics and unique advantages.

The stoves are available in a range of colours or bare Silicon Carbide (which appears like sparkling granite) with options for alloy or coloured trims. The sleek Ecco Stove ® is the perfect addition to any home. From the traditional to the ultra-modern this versatile stove will complement your existing décor perfectly whilst offering cost-effective, energy efficient low-carbon heating.

If you take a look at some of the statistics about the Ecco Stove ®, you will see why it's one of the most energy efficient wood stoves on the market. For example, The Ecco Stove ® EC678 boasts some impressive statistics, namely:

• 88% efficiency rating
• Only 0.07% carbon output
• Radiates 25% of its stored heat up to 12 hours after the fire has gone out using only 7-10kg of wood.


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