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customise the E580

We are pleased to offer this tool to enable you to customise the colour and trim levels of your selected Ecco stove Masonry Heater. The image below also allows you to select the wall colour to represent your home, so you can get a sense of what an Ecco Stove will look like in its eventual location.

The stove body colour drop down menu allows you to select from a range of heat resistant paint finishes from a range of 10 colour choices for the main body of the stove, top front spinner and side plugs. The fittings (ironware) refers to the ash pan front; door and doorframe. Alloy (Trims) refers to the trims and front bottom plugs and trim/Trimless refers to whether you would like or not like alloy trims separating body. Again, it’s possible to select from 10 colours. The Wall refers to the background colour.


Please note the colours shown are examples of the finished product and may vary in final appearance. If you would like to see the actual colours check our photo gallery or contact us.




The smallest model in the range with an output of 6.6kw the Ecco Stove E580 masonry heater gently warms the area of a 2-bed house rather than just the room within which it stands (delivering heat up to a 140m² area). The heat delivered won’t overheat the room provided all internal house doors are left open but gently warm the house throughout. The compact design is in keeping with the more traditional wood burning stove but with the benefit of spreading heat over a much larger area.


If you’d like more information about the E580 click here


Choose from a selection of 7 heat resistant paint finishes for both body and trim or the natural silicon carbide finish. If you would like a colour or combination that is not shown ask out team if we can create it specially for you. Please note due to the nature of the masonry material any paint finishes may require repainting in areas after first firing or overtime. Paint is supplied with each stove to your colour choice in spray form for touching up where necessary.

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