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There are so many variations to the options you can choose we thought it about time we had a page dedicated to showing some of them off and giving them a unique name and you can try your own variations in our customise your stove page here.


If you already have an Ecco Stove and would like to send in your photos please do and we will let you name the colour choice if we do not have it currently listed in our hall of fame below. 


"The Classic" 678 or 850

Sparkle or Matt Black all over with alloy base plugs and trims. One of the most popular choices over years and still an occasional order today. Style and sophistication. 




"Cool Blue"

Natural (unpainted body) with Metallic Blue iron work. This has been very popular throughout 2019 since we added this colour choice to our display trailer with the 678. 




All grey with or without trims.  Very popular over the years particularly in Belgium giving a simple finish and can be with or without trims on the 678 model.  



"Traditional Black"

 Black all over and available with or without trims on the 678 model. The most popular choice over the years and in keeping with more conventional stoves. The safe options for those who simply can't decide.




Dark Grey body with Light grey Ironwork. Named after the first customer to pick this colour combination and giving a great contrast between the two colours while blending into most decorated rooms. 



"Orchard Bloom"

Red top, door, frame and base with Almond sides, side plugs and Alloy trims. Named after the customer who first chose this colour combination. This stove looked a complicated colour choice but went very well with the exposed brick and colours in the room not to mention the sofa set. 



"Stormy Blue"

 Blue all over with or without trims. The metallic blue is more of a grey than a blue but gives a lovely cool combination with your roaring fire. 



"The Woodsman"

Brown all over with alloy trims and base plugs. The honeyglow brown body can work well in most decorated surroundings and the alloy trims add a bit of glamour to your fireplace. 



"Rustic Farmhouse"

Natural (Unpainted) body with honeyglow brown ironwork. Could also have brown trims with the 678 models if preferred. Gives a natural feel of granite and rusted metal for an exposed feel to your fireplace. 



"Hot Red"

Red all over. Giving a feel of warmth before you have even started a fire and the colour will change slightly over time with the red turning slightly crimson as the pigments react with the heat from the stove. 



"Blue Lagoon"

Light grey body with metallic blue trims and ironwork (could also have without trims).  Nice contrasting colours with the darker grey blue offset against the vivid lighter grey underneath, Nice neutral colours when you want a clean finish that will last a few decoration variations. 



"The Tuxedo"

Flat or Sparkle black body with light grey ironwork and alloy trims and front plugs. A smart centre piece to any room and easy to decorate around with a nice contrast. The alloy trims and plugs add a touch of decadence to finish things off. 



"The Lucy"

Mojave red body with honeyglow brown trims and ironwork. A warm body feel with rustic brown decor makes for a nice combination and contrast. Named after the first customer to pick the colour.