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Ecco Stove – Whole House Heating

If you’re looking for a whole house heating system that’s both cost effective and energy efficient then the Ecco Stove ® is an excellent choice, whether you’re heating a traditional home, barn, home/office, or farmhouse. The Ecco Stove ® is a wood burning heating system that creates consistent warmth for your entire property.

With up to 88% efficiency and only 0.07% carbon production, the Ecco Stove ® is one of the most energy efficient wood stoves on the market. Due to its unique slow heat release design and silicon carbide construction, the Ecco Stove ® will heat your home for longer, and yet use less fuel to maintain a consistent and even temperature.

The robust and low maintenance design provides the broadest range of uses, and with a variety of colour and trim options, the Ecco Stoves ® can be designed to suit almost any property type.