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Masonry Heaters and Stoves

Masonry heaters and masonry stoves are referred to under a range of names such as Speicherofen, Slow heat release appliances, Kachelofen (Tiled stoves), Finish stove, Grundofen, Specksteinofen (or soapstone stove / heater) and now the Ecco Stove ®. Three things they all have in common are heat retention, slow heat distribution and the capturing of heat from the flue gases with a highly efficient burn.


Russian Heater at early build stage


Generally much larger and heavier than a traditional wood burning stoves the masonry heater is a very different product and cannot be compared easily as they both achieve very different methods of heating and very different results


The traditional wood burning stove can start from around £1200 for a relatively good, efficient model and is a room heater. The wood burning stove quickly achieves heat and rapidly radiates it to the room. Controlling the heat can be problematic due to the very high surface temperatures generated but if you are looking to have a cosy living room this can be quickly achieved.


The masonry heater is either built from bricks, tiles, concrete and other masonry materials or as the Ecco Stove ®, out of silicon carbide. Prices will be higher than that of a traditional wood burning stove predominantly with prices starting at around £3000 - £4000 if you are looking to build one yourself or from around £4000 - £5000 upwards if an engineer is building one for you. Heat is stored within the masonry construction and a much lower surface temperature is emitted making it more comfortable to be near to and surprisingly more effective at heating a larger area.


Contraflow heater


Contra flow masonry heater


The Ecco Stove ® is one of the best at heat distribution making it more than just a room heater as it heats throughout the home with a balanced heat. This is achieved by the unique way the heat is released by the silicon carbide body that actually creates and generates natural air circulation within the home. All this is achieved via a single source without the need for complicated plumbing, electrics and ducting and is why the Ecco Stove ® is proving a very popular choice for those living in rural areas without central heating systems or having to rely on expensive oil, LPG or other produced fuels as the Ecco Stove ® achieves this simply by burning wood logs.



Traditional setting with Ecco Stove ® E678


Due to the design and construction of the Ecco Stove® it has very low maintenance cost and requirements.


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