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Thermal Mass | Getting The Most Out Of Your Heating

Thermal mass is becoming more important for new build construction as it can provide long lasting heat retention and decrease the energy usage in the home. Thermal mass is usually achieved using a very dense material that is resilient to the temperatures it will be exposed to and will reflect heat back into the property.


The advantage of using thermal mass is that heat is used more efficiently by charging the mass and then letting the heat slowly release over time. This technology goes back hundreds of years when masonry heaters and centrally built chimneys were used to hold and distribute heat over time throughout areas of the home.




The downside to thermal mass can be the overall size requirement. If the material is not dense enough you need a lot more of it to retain the heat. So getting the right blend of materials to balance weight and density is very important for a thermal mass project.
The Ecco Stove hybrid masonry heaters utilise Silicon Carbide to achieve thermal mass. This material is very dense (second only to diamond) and also has some other beneficial qualities for heat transfer we talk more about elsewhere on the website.



Silicon Carbide has helped our engineers reduce the size of our hybrid thermal mass masonry heaters and make them more practical for small to large homes. Using thermal mass as a space heater offers a blend of balanced heating and efficiency. As well as holding the charge from the fire thermal mass will also reflect heat back into the combustion chamber to achieve higher burn temperatures and greater efficiency.

This efficiency is increased when the waste gas heat can also be absorbed such as using a contraflow system (such as the Ecco Stove) or similar gas channels. Combining this with the slow release of heat maximises the benefits you achieve from every fire.


If you would like to talk to our team more about thermal mass you can call on +44 1527 857814 or email