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Heat Distribution | Simple Effective Heating

The Ecco Stove® is a masonry heater (contraflow heater or thermal mass heater) with a difference. Constructed of Silicon Carbide instead of more traditional materials heat is delivered at a sufficient rate to push through the home without overheating the initial room in which the stove stands.


By combining the best aspects of masonry heaters and wood burning stoves the Ecco Stove® has a higher surface temperature than masonry stoves, Scandinavian heaters, soapstone stoves and Finnish stoves and a lower surface temperature than steel or cast iron wood burning stoves.


This heat range delivered gives a gentle heat that will drive throughout the property circulating and warming the air. This simple yet effective alternative heating system creates balanced, even temperatures throughout the home with typically only 1 – 2°c between rooms, so no hot or cold spots.


As the heat is delivered gently, your body acclimatises to the heat so you can enjoy a warm room without sweating or finding the heat overbearing.


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The Ecco Stove Natural Heat method: