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The Alternative Heating Solution | Ecco Stove |Off Grid Heating

The Ecco Stove range are more than just a room heater and more comparable to a home heating system without the need for electricity or radiators. Using a combination of both heat retention from ceramic material and the unique conductive capabilities of Silicon Carbide heat is released from the stoves in a very different wave form and rate to metal. This allows heat to travel further without losing energy so quickly at a more balanced rate. 


Typically a conventional wood burning stoves would need to be plumbed into radiators to spread heat through a house and this is the same for most biomass heating systems. Stoves with back boilers are sadly very inefficient and not only come with high maintenance requirements but also have a damaging effect on the environment as the combustion temperatures are too low due to water absorption. 


 The video above by Ed Stafford is an example of how the Ecco Stove can be used as an alternative heat source. Click on the videos link to see more.


Using the Ecco Stove we can achieve high levels of combustion (900-1100°c) while keeping the room the stove is in at a balanced, comfortable temperature (typically 21-24°c). Subsequent rooms moving away from the stove are typically no more the 1-1.5°c in difference from the initial room. Simply by opening door ways you allow the warmth to keep pushing out through the home. This also means you are not subject to the dull, neutral feel of radiator heating which can be dry and make you feel drowsy and uncomfortable. If you would like to find out how the Ecco Stove could heat your home fillin our heat plan questionnaire in the free information pack via the link below. Our team will send back a free heat plan detailing temperature bands per room, fuel usage and the suggested model for your home.



This video shows how balanced heat gently pushes out from the Ecco Stove without overheating the initial room through open doorways.


Since the Ecco Stove range began in 2008 we have seen more and more customers joining the Ecco family each year and benefiting from this truly unique system. Why not call our team today to start your journey into clean, affordable and sustainable home heating.