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    European Design Standard 2022 Ready
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    Natural Heating
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    Clean, Efficient Emissions
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    The one and only Silicon Carbide Stove
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Thank you for your referrals


E678 at Nicholsons Nurseries, Oxfordshire 



Thank you to all our Customers who have joined the Ecco Stove family and thank you for your ongoing feedback and testimonials, please do keep them coming as these are so helpful to our team and prospective Ecco Stove owners.


Each year we sell a high percentage of Ecco Stoves from referrals and would like to thank our customers that recommend the Ecco Stove to friends, colleagues and relatives by offering unlimited cash.


Simply tell your friends how much you have enjoyed your stove and give them our details and when they buy an Ecco Stove we will give you £50. If you need no reward for telling your friends about your Ecco Stove why not pass the saving on to your friend or colleague and we will knock it off their bill!



Thank you for helping our Ecco Stove family grow.


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