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Alternative, Renewable, Off Grid Heating Solution With An Ecco Stove

Off grid and renewable heating is of great interest to consumers looking for independence from the National Grid. The Ecco Stove provides an alternative wood fired heating solution that could be perfect for you.


Is there a way to heat the home without electricity, gas, oil or radiators?
The simple answer is yes and if you continue reading, we will explain how the Ecco Stove hybrid masonry heater differs from other heating solutions. You can also see what are customers think in the case studies and reviews below:




What is a Hybrid Masonry Heater?

A hybrid masonry heater combines some of the best attributes of a traditional masonry heater and that of a traditional metal wood burning stove. By harnessing the best of both these woodfired solutions we can achieve a much greater benefit to the home. The Ecco Stoves use Silicon Carbide to achieve this and maximise the potential of each log you put on the fire.


How does it work?
The Ecco Stove pushes heat further than traditional metal stoves and masonry heaters by hitting a sweet spot in heat transference. By combining heat storage, surface area, surface temperature and the benefits of Silicon Carbide, warmth can be gently circulated through open doorways in the home.



Can I heat my whole home?
Potentially yes, we also offer a free heat plan estimation service and analyse your floor plans to show what the Ecco Stove could achieve in your home as the video above demonstrates.


Can I control which room I heat?
By opening and closing doors in your home you can simply channel the heat to all rooms or concentrate on a few. Our customer service team can provide guidance for this in the free heat plan estimate.


Can I build the stove myself?
Yes, our assembly videos show how easily the Ecco Stoves can be assembled. The large modules are quite heavy but simply stack in location.



Will the Ecco Stove heat my domestic hot water?
The hot box option with DHW can be used as supplementary support to your existing system. The hotbox is available with the 580, 645 & 678 models. You can also see a case study showing one such system here.


Can the Ecco Stove heat a room with a closed door?
Potentially yes, the hot box option as standard can be used for ducting warm air. This will depend on the route the ducting can take from the stove to the room and how far the room is from the stove. This can be utilised by passive or fan assisted means.



Do you need anything else with the Ecco Stove?
As a wood fired stove / masonry heater the Ecco Stove requires a chimney system. You can utilise and existing chimney or install a twin wall flue system where one is not available. We offer an installation service within a large radius of our Studley, Warwickshire offices in the UK and can provide quotations. Alternatively, we have a network of dealers and installers that can assist, or you can use your own qualified installer with our guidance over the phone/ email guidance.


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