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Brian and Melanie Duncan had their E678 installed in December 2017 by Cambridge Stoves Installations as an alternative heat source for their large bungalow.

Clean, Alternative, Off grid heating for a Large Bungalow

Brian and Melanie Duncan had their E678 installed in December 2017 by Cambridge Stoves Installations as an alternative heat source for their large bungalow. Although Cambridge Stoves had installed a 580 model previously, Pete West from Ecco Stove also assisted with the stove assembly as part of the training made available to installers.

Now, a year into life with an Ecco Stove, covering two heating periods, Brian and Melanie were kind enough to send in an update, including some photographs of their transformed kitchen space.



Message from Mr Duncan

"I haven’t shared experiences with you for the last year, believe it or not, doesn’t time fly, but I thought I’d give you a quick review of how we’re getting on with our E678.

As you know, we have a very large footprint, all on one level, which has a couple of wings to it. Any kind of central heating option, ala our stove, is always going to struggle to deliver heat around the house. I wanted to relay our experience to date and would be very happy to endorse or help with any customer’s queries that might be concerned about the width of their house rather than the height, as we’ve probably the worst-case scenario for shape of house for the Ecco’s to heat.

We shouldn’t have worried; we have been able to get some great results in being able push the heat further into the property. At times we think the house is cold and then, when we close the stove down for e.g cleaning or when we’re away, you do really notice the cold properly and that, when fired up, that it’s making a big difference. The point there is it’s not an uncomfortable or in your face heat. It’s subtle but very effective. It doesn’t get to all parts of the house but we’ve still not fixed our doors or insulation properly so we still have the ice wall cutting the house in half but it’s coping admirably. The insulation and door work is planned for spring 2019, so another update at the end of year 2, spring 2020, is expected to be even brighter. We’ll let you know.

In using the stove and getting the best and most efficient use out of it takes time to learn. It’s not just a fire in the middle of the room. It’s a clever piece of kit that, if treated half decently will give you very decent results. It is a big learning curve and we’re very much wiser now to understand which doors need to be open in other parts of the house, how hot to run it, how much to keep it fuelled up, the type of fuel to burn, how to maintain it. All those things take experience to get the best out of the stove. But now, it’s all second nature and easy, and fun, to run.

In short, we’re really pleased. It was the right decision and in eventually understanding that this isn’t a plug and play piece of kit, but requires education and patience, puts us in a better mindset and helped us improve its performance.

A final thing is that you can get away without having to spend very much at all to heat your house. We’ve found a local garden centre that begs us to take their pallets away to burn and it eats them up, leaves hardly any ash and does not clog the flue.

We’ll continue to learn and share our experiences with you if that any way helps new customers.

Keep well and warm!

Brian & Melanie Duncan


The Ecco Stoves provides not only an alternative heating solution but are also one of the few completely off grid options (requires no electrical connection or water supply). For rural areas this can be vital when power cuts or brown outs are a common occurrence.

With much talk in the media recently about particulate emissions and concerns about wood fuel as a heating source the Ecco Stove also attains industry leading emissions and particulate levels complying with current requirements and with catalytic models and adaptions for future sales after 2022.

Brian advised “My sweep had recently cleaned my chimney and only found a small amount of fine light grey ash, which he said was perfect. I explained this was due to how efficiently the stove is burning.”

If you are in Cambridge and would like to speak to Jamie about an Ecco Stove for your home, you can reach them via the details below.

Cambridge Stoves Installations
01223 828688

For all other areas please contact our team on +44 1527 857814 or click the contact us option within the website at


The heat plan below was sent prior to installation by the Ecco Stove team to show what the Ecco Stove can achieve in this property. Depending on insulation values and preferred temperatures the E678 can then be fired continuously or intermittently depending on the requirements. 


Brian also challenged us on the day of assembly. Our website states the stove can be assembled in under an hour and Brian asked if he could film and time it to see whether this was accurate. See how we got on below:



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