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Escaping The Cold At Hatton Adventure World

Hatton Adventure World is a family friendly venue offering a unique shopping village and educational farm park near Warwick. In 2019 they joined forces with Tulleys Entertainment Group to take on a new exciting venture by introducing Escape Rooms at Hatton. With the popularity of Escape rooms growing throughout the UK, the concept is for a team of 2-8 people to escapefrom themed rooms by solving various puzzles within a limited ammount of time. Several challenges are laid out for the different rooms to provide a unique experience as you battle against the clock to escape. There are two separately themed rooms on offer, Pirate Mutiny or Prohibition Outfitters. 


Hatton Adventure World 1 Hatton Adventure World Log Burner Stove


David Blower, Operations Director at Hatton, was looking for something that could heat a large area, was easy to use and would look great in the waiting room. After assessing the options he picked the Ecco Stove E678 ceramic log burner with the extension module to raise the height of the fire box and add more thermal mass, whilst making it easier to load.  


This model has a 12.3 hour heat retention rate at 25% of its charged heat, so still radiating 25% surface temperature 12 hours after the fire has gone out. This provides staff with an easier task as the stove does not have to be underfire at all time to produce heat. The combustion chamber is surrounded by the stone body of the stove as well which provides several layers of insulation so the initial rooms does not get too hot. At 80.8% efficiency upgradable to 88% David was also ensuring they are doing their bit for the environment by burning wood responsibly and cleanly. 


Hatton Adventure world ceramic wood burner  Hatton Adventure Park Ceramic Wood Burner


The gentle warmth produced by the Ecco Stove feels very different to a traditional metal stove or a radiator. By diffusing the heat through the stone / ceramic body (Silicon Carbide) a very balanced temperature is acheived. This slow heat release method creates an inviting heat that not only works well in your home pushing from room to room to room, but also in a public setting such as this.  


The Escape Rooms are now open throughout the year and make for a great day out for a group of friends or the family. Book in via their website for an an experience you will not forget and enjoy the gentle warmth from the Ecco Stove 678 while you are there. Keep your eyes peeled as there may be an offer hidden in the waiting room for your Ecco Stove!


Hatton Country World
Dark Ln, Hatton, Warwick

CV35 8XA

Tel: 01926 843411




If you have a home or public space that needs the very best in wood fired heating, and would like to learn more about the Ecco Stove ceramic log / wood burners range please contact our customer service team via the links below.


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