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What Ban? - The Truth About Particulates And Stoves

Are wood burning stoves going to be banned?, Should I change my existing stove?, What are particulates? - We answer all your questions here.

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What is true efficiency?

What is efficient and is it value for money? Where do the Ecco Stoves stand in a changing market?

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Emissions and Wood burning stoves

Read more on the current debate around the use of wood burning stoves and cutting emissions.

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A Christmas with the Ecco Stove

Find out how one family found their first Christmas went with the Ecco Stove and what difference it made to their day.

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Cotswold Preview Magazine September 2016

Find out what the Cotswold Preview Magazine had to say about the Ecco Stove range of Masonry heaters here.

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Ecco Stove – The simple heating solution for listed properties

Finding the right heating solution for your home can be difficult, especially when you have a listed property where restrictions are in place on what you can install.

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