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08 September 2020

An Ecco Guide to A Warm Christmas

As winter roles in once again this year many of us will be enjoying a fire to keep our living spaces warm in a way central heating just cannot compete.

With that in mind it is important that we burn responsibly with the right fuel and combustion process. Each Ecco Stove is designed to maximise the efficiency and output of every log and this quick guide shows how simply that can be.


Pick your fuel:
• Logs should be cut to the right size so they can burn well. 150mm dia or less ideally, split logs. If your fuel is too dense the combustion temperature will be too low and heating your Ecco Stove will take longer than necessary.





• Your wood should be no more than 20% moisture content. A simple moisture metre available at most fireplace shops will show your wood suitability. Too wet and you will be producing steam and not heat (as well as creosote and tar).


Check your chimney:
Make sure your chimney and contraflow channels have been swept and are clear of obstructions such as birds’ nests.
Warm up the flue:
If it is your first fire of the season your stove and chimney will be cold. Depending on the model follow the cold start procedure in your guidebook or contact our customer service team for guidance.

Your chimney is your engine!


Loading your stove:
Cross stack your logs when loading to make sure there is airflow between each log for the fire to wrap around. Too closely packed and it will take longer for your fire to be established.



Get your stove to optimal temperature:
Make sure you get your stove to optimal temperature on your thermometer for best heat delivery. Your thermometer should be located on the top of the stove halfway between the flue pipe and stove front not on the stove flue pipe or other metal parts.



Sit back and enjoy:
Once your stove is up to temperature you can either add a log or two every 1.5-2 hours or let it go out and enjoy hours of heat from the thermal mass without a fire. Using intermittent fires with your Ecco Stove minimises your carbon emissions to a minute level as only the stove body provides heat as opposed to the fire.


However, our patented combustion technology ensures each fire is at ultra low emission levels with combustions temperatures between 900-1000°c.

If you are not an Ecco Stove owner and would like a free information pack, heat plan estimate or to see a case study click on the links below.