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03 November 2016

A Christmas with the Ecco Stove

As temperatures drop and we enter winter many of us will now be thinking about having to turn on the central heating more often. It also brings with it the thoughts of Christmas day and the chance to spend some time with the family around the Christmas tree, with a fire crackling away and decorations and cards adorning the room.

Having the right atmosphere at Christmas has become a national past time in the UK and I am sure elsewhere, possibly even more so. Last Christmas was my first year with our own Ecco Stove and it soon started to pay back the investment, when we came downstairs the area was still at 19°c from the night before, despite the fire having gone out around 10.30pm the night before.


As the children started to make their way down stairs excited about what was awaiting them under the Christmas tree, I started the stove and the day began. By the time breakfast was finished and presents were organised the room was already a cosy 22°c and the fire danced as the children opened their presents and the dog sprawled out in front of the hearth.


At lunch time the whole family gathered for the Christmas dinner as I dropped a log in the stove for effect, by this time the whole home was between 22-24°c and I was truly staggered by the balance of heat distributed by the stove (despite my understanding of the stove).


In the afternoon the mulled wine was warmed on the top of the stove alongside the hot chocolate party food on the griddle next to the saucepan. As we spent the afternoon chatting and the children enjoyed their new gifts the stove kept the mulled wine at the right temperature for hours while also keeping the party food warm, making it all the better for return visits to top up!



As night fell and the cold dropped around the home the stove was fired up for the last time and topped up the warmth in the rooms upstairs before the children were tucked in for the night. As we sat back and enjoyed a moments peace and quiet in front of the flames with a drink, it was nice to know we could come downstairs  tomorrow for another warm start the next day, which finished off a rather lovely Christmas day.

Pete West

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