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09 March 2018

Emissions and Wood burning stoves



There have been a few recent discussions regarding emissions and the use of wood burning stoves. While of course our health and the state of the environment are top concerns we feel these reports don’t portray a wholly accurate picture…


Burning wood in itself can and should be a carbon neutral process. When wood is burnt correctly the carbon monoxide produced is the same or less than trees decomposing naturally, so burning wood correctly isn’t adding any extra carbon into the atmosphere (it has already been absorbed by and locked into the wood). The key point is burning the fuel correctly, using the right fuel with the right product.


The focus, especially in bigger cities has been around reducing high pollution levels and looking at how the levels from each source can be reduced. Legislation around diesel vehicles is being drawn up with Germany recently banning older, less efficient cars from some cities altogether.


To counter concerns over wood burning particulate emissions, a new Europe wide design standard for particulate emissions has been legislated for 2022. This will reduce permissible emission levels significantly and effectively remove the sale of inefficient and potentially dangerous stoves from the market. This will not resolve the older models already in homes that need upgrading so will be in the hands of owners to take action and ensure they are doing their bit for the environment. As one of the most efficient range of stoves on the market, our own Ecco Stove hybrid masonry heaters have already surpassed these 2022 design standards.


The link below is an interesting article giving perspective on the different sources of harmful particulates in daily life (though please note the readings are using an older conventional stove not subject to the new 2022 standards)


We welcome tighter controls on particulate emissions, particularly regulations to remove less efficient Stoves from the market. We are proud that Ecco Stoves have always been efficient and are future proofed so you can use their Natural Heat to heat your home with confidence.