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05 January 2016

Ecco Stove - Owner Top Tips

Top Tips

  1. When lighting or re-lighting your Ecco Stove it can be a good idea to leave the glass door open a few millimetres for the first log load as during initial combustion you will create the most smoke. When following this process if you have not fired your stove in the last 12 hours make sure you have warmed the flue with a small fire first to warm the airways and contraflow channels as the flue gases have further to travel than a conventional stove.


  2. Always fire your Ecco Stove to full temperature (180-200°c surface temperature) to get the most from your stove at lower temperatures. Not only is the combustion cleaner and more environmentally friendly at this point but you are also properly charging the stone for its heat release cycle.


  3. Burning cardboard will help build an ash bed over the grate bars (for wood burning). This will make it easier to re-light as the embers will be buried in the ash ready to reignite when you fire the stove again. Make sure you have warmed your flue first as paper and card will produce more smoke.


  4. Utilising the airwash – When loading the stove make sure you put the fuel towards the back of the combustion chamber and away from the glass. This will allow the airwash to keep the glass clean or clean the glass if it has sooted up from the previous load.


  5. Channel the heat – If you have known areas of heat loss in your house this will absorb heat from the Ecco Stove you could use elsewhere. If you don’t need to heat this area and it won’t affect the heat route through to other rooms it might be worth closing the door to the room to allow other rooms to be heated better.


  6. Getting more heat - Our guideline for heat output are based on two 7-10kg loads (2-3 batched of logs) twice per day. If you would like to get an increase in the temperatures throughout the home you can experiment by spreading out the batches or firing more continually or simply adding a couple of logs mid-day. Depending on your insulation levels this will give the heating a boost and extend the heating cycle.



  2. Don’t forget to check out our videos in the “stove care” section of the video gallery for more advise and user instructions. You can also like our Facebook page to keep up to date with everything new in the Ecco Stove world.