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10 April 2018

What is true efficiency?

With a market dominated by efficiency and regulation requirements it is easy to get lost in the amount of wood burning stoves that specify high efficiency figures. Recent interest in reducing particulates has driven this further and quite rightly so when this could have a negative impact on the environment.


Ecco Stove have invested heavily into not only producing a stove that passes the design standard for 2022 and current EN13240 regulations but also gets the most out of the fuel that is used. Contraflow heaters have been around for quite some time now with a heritage in Scandinavia and masonry heaters have history dating back to 5000 B.C according to some sources. This technology combined with thermal mass helps maximise the potential of the Ecco Stove absorbing heat from spent gases and distributing it through the surface area of the stove. Combining this with combustion technology makes the 678 and 645 models two of the most efficient stoves on the market.


This is emphasised by a balanced output from the surface of the stove and the unique distribution properties of Silicon Carbide. Heating a home from a single source in one room is now not only carried out at a balanced rate but also efficiently with proven temperature differences of only 1-1.5°c per room the heat travels into.


Using Silicon Carbide (SIC) as the thermal mass media also extends the life of the stove, due to high temperature resistance SIC will cope with over to 2000°c making it highly resilient. Unlike many thermal mass products the Ecco Stove does not require a rest period so can be fired throughout the day, making it perfect for properties with high heat loss.


This combination of factors has helped the Ecco Stove range grow in the UK despite a lack of knowledge both in the trade and from the consumer about thermal mass technology. Although a higher cost than conventional metal stoves, when compared on overall efficiency, heat distribution, life span and the potential pay back on the cost of heating, the costs soon start to balance out.


Is this the only reason the Ecco Stove is rising as a popular heating alternative among consumers?


No, there is also a growing demand from concerned consumers for a standalone system that does not require electricity, LPG, Gas or Oil due to uncertainty in the National grids ability to cope with demand. With Electric cars designated as the future for travel and more and more electrically powered products on the marketplace each day it is easy to understand why. Even with a highly efficient pellet stove, biomass or gas heating system once the electricity fails so does the heating.


By combining old and new technology the Ecco Stove fulfils a niche in the market while also providing a value for money alternative to other heating systems. If you are interested in the Ecco Stove range why not contact our team on +44 (0) 1527 857814 or email