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22 January 2019

Are Wood Burning Stoves Going To Be Banned In The UK?

The short answer is no! There will simply be a new test requirement for stoves installed or re-installed after 2022 where they must comply with the new emission and particulate requirements. Wood smoke can contain (much like other gases) harmful particulates and gases that can be detrimental to our health if not burnt correctly.


Burning wood in an Eco Design Standard ready stove can be carbon neutral providing it is used correctly with the right fuel (more information) burning the right fuel here). This can also be a more sustainable way of heating when combined with our own Ecco Stove masonry heaters.


Presently one of the key issues with older wood burning stoves comes when they are used with reduced oxygen / slumbering methods to extend the burn time and reduce the fuel usage. The lack of oxygen and low fire temperature allows harmful particulates to be released through the chimney into our atmosphere. You can find out more information at Which and Hetas by following these links.

What does it all mean?


This is a positive step forward for the industry and will cut out a lot of poor-quality stoves from the market and ensure that you are able to burn a sustainable fuel source cleanly. Wood sales will also be monitored so that wet fuels and coal will be less available and fuel sellers will need to conform to fuel quality standards. All of this adds up to a brighter future for our environment and if you invest in an Ecco Stove your wallet potentially.


So what makes the Ecco Stove different?


Our existing stoves are already compliant and our catalytic models already comply with the UK and European 2022 design standard for emissions and particulate requirements. You can also retrofit our older models with this technology or after 2022 if you are buying now.

Using a masonry heater we have the benefit of heat retention from a thick silicon carbide outer skin. This reflects heat back into the chamber giving a 900-1100°c combustion temperature (well above the 650-700°c gasification level). Gases are then re-burnt via channels of air that cause the cases to role back through the fire. Our one touch control system is largely pre-set so it is more difficult to slumber the stove. However as heat is held in the body of the stove for up to 12 hours after the fire has gone out slumbering is no longer necessary anyway! The thermal mass in the body of the stove also distributes the heat more evenly to stop your room from overheating.


The Ecco Stove 645,678,730 & 850 models also benefit from contraflow channels that capture heat from spent flue gases before they go to your chimney giving flue temperatures typically between 110-180°c, much less than 350-450° that you would find with a conventional stove, all of which is wasted to the atmosphere. Our stoves are also Defra exempt to allow the use of wood in smokeless zones due to the clean combustion system. For an alternative wood fired heating alternative that not only complies with the emission and particulate requirements but offers so much more call our team today.


Don't forget burning cleanly is a global issue, so if you are based outside of the UK we a have distribution options for you in place in most countries.