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29 September 2017

Can Wood Be Burned Cleanly?

Radio 2 had an interesting piece on the 29/09/17 on the Jeremy Vine discussion regarding wood burning fires and stoves. The growing concern is regarding particulate emissions and how they are adding to global pollution and that breathing in particulates is contributing to health issues. In fact work has been well underway to reduce this within the industry for some time now with the European design statement proposed for enactment in 2022 ensuring that all wood fired appliances conform to strict standards on emissions.


The issue


The issue lies more with old stoves or new ones that have been imported that do not meet current standards. The technology available in most wood burning stoves on the market today far exceeds those of years gone by with much cleaner emissions. However the efficiency level is also effected by what is burnt within the stove and how it is burnt.  The conventional way a stove is fired can cause issues such as reducing the airflow to lengthen the combustion process to make the fire burn longer. This process reduces the combustion temperature and the gasification level and even with a good stove this can create a poor, inefficient burn.


So how can this be remedied?


If stoves are preset to burn at a rate tested and proven by the manufacturers this would take away the poor burning issue when combined with better regulation over fuel supply. Our own Ecco Stoves provide a more simple answer however.


The Silicon Carbide mass holds heat for hours after the fire has gone out which means you do not need to stretch out the time your fire is burning for maximum economy. Heat is reflected back into the combustion chamber rather than being immediately released. This combustion level is well over gasification levels and then the gas is recycled around the combustion chamber producing a tumbling washing machine effect re-burning the gases to increase efficiency and better combustion. However it does not stop there, waste heat from the flue gases is absorbed in the contraflow channels reducing the loss of heat to atmosphere. Finally there is also an option for a catalyst that reignites the gases before they go into the contraflow channels incinerating even more left over particulates.


Cleaner combustion for on or off the grid homes


With demand on our electricity set to rise with the introduction of electric cars among other things it is important to have alternatives that do not require electricity, such as the Ecco Stove. A gas central heating system still needs an electric pump (of course the system will fail in a power outage) and currently we are still not producing electricity solely from sustainable sources so cutting out a stove increases the issue elsewhere. The Ecco Stove provides a safe and clean alternative that conforms to current and future regulation.


New EC645 Model is 93% and one of the most efficient options currently on the market.


So if you do have an old stove that "has been fine for many a year", now might be the time to start looking around at what options are available.  If you would like to speak to our team about the benefits of Ecco Stove and how you could harness these traits for your own home contact our team on +44 (0) 1527 857814 or email