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20 March 2019

Installing A Wood burning Stove In A Thatched Property

Studies by the Fire Protection Association (FPA) since 1990 and more recently in 2014 by historic England have found a rise in fires within thatched properties. The FPA believe this to be directly liked to open fires multifuel and wood burning stoves. This was made evident in a recent article in the Listed Heritage magazine.

A 3-year long test was put in place to determine whether this was caused by heat transfer due to the high temperature of the flue gases or by sparks and embers. Heat transfer was found not to be the issue which weighed more heavily in favour of sparks and embers. This has a higher chance during lighting and refueling the study found.

While spark arrestors have been advised in the past, they found there was little evidence to support they served any benefit. Our own findings have been that spark arrestors are more prone to clogging up with tar or creosote and can cause more issues than they solve if not properly maintained.

So should you remove your stove or draw a line under your dream fire? – Perhaps not. Ecco Stoves are contraflow heaters, and both restrict the temperature in the chimney by storing heat in the channels of the stove, while also reducing the chance of embers and sparks going up you chimney as they will simply store in the base of the contraflow channels. The average flue gas temperature on an Ecco Stove is between 110-180°c as opposed to traditional stoves 350-450°c.

This method of wood fired heating is also far more efficient as the combustion temperature is far greater than conventional stoves. By trapping heat within the stove through the thick stone body and Contraflow channels incineration temperatures are reached. In 2018 the Ecco Stove models went through further testing passing the requirements for the new Eco Design standard proposed for 2022 regarding particulate and emission release to atmosphere.

The thick Silicon Carbide body also serves another purpose, thermal mass. Holding heat within the body of the stove and distributing at a more balanced rate for up to 12 hours after the fire has gone out. This further reduces the need for refueling as the stone body continues to resonate heat (Although it can be fired continuously if the property requires).

You also get the benefit of Natural Heat through your whole home potentially as the Ecco Stove is also an alternative heating solution. Utilising the benefits of Silicon Carbide you could heat your home without radiators or electrical connections remaining completely off grid, perfect for many properties exposed to power outages.

Free advise is available from the Ecco Stove team including a heat plan for your property.