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Martello Tower Case Study

Recently featured on Channel 4's Extraordinary Escapes


Martello Towers were used as defensive forts throughout the British Empire from the time of the French revolutionary wars. The thick circular walls made them incredibly strong and key strategic points to hold quite large stretches of land from invading forces. They provided a garrison of an officer and up to 15-25 men within the protected walls.


Now many of these forts have been sold to private investors and one such fort was converted to a holiday home. Ecco Stove were called in as the owners wanted an alternative method of heating as the area was in an off-grid location.


The open plan nature and tall ceiling made it difficult to heat with any method, but the continuous warmth provided by the Ecco Stove 850 provided a workable method for holiday makers. This video shows some photos of the area the that is heated and is a great example of what can be achieved with slow heat release technology when combined with Silicon Carbide.



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