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Case Studies

Three years ago the back boiler went on my multi-fuel central heating, and you came to advise me on replacing it. It was interested in the Ecco Stove. You said it would heat the cottage, though not the conservatory, and pointed out that it would work better in a more open plan house than a cottage with several little rooms. It does a great job, and I'm really pleased with it. It does in fact heat the conservatory to a satisfactory background heat (round all the corners!) It is amazing how it holds heat over night. It is really easy to get going. My old central heating used to use three times as much fuel to keep it going. I'm really impressed.


Many thanks, Caroline

Having had the Ecco Stove for 4 winters now I can honestly say that all the statements made when purchasing have become reality.

The stove heats up so quickly and uses just 8-10 Kiln dried logs in a full day that means I spend less than £300 a year heating my living areas.

A lovely ecco friendly way to enjoy a warm glowing fire.



The Lenches

Summer 2021

On Saturday I managed to assemble the oven. It was relatively easy and straightforward. The individual pieces are sometimes a bit difficult, but with good help everything works!

Here are the dates and a few photos after installation. Now I have the stove in operation for a good 3 days, i.e. Firing in the morning and evening. The temperature in the whole house is between 21-22.5 ° and very pleasant. This without other heating sources. Great, exactly as I had imagined. Thank you.

By the way, I have mounted the oven on casters so that I can pull it forward for cleaning because it is in a niche. The base plate was great for that.


Duri | Switzerland


We purchased the Ecco Stove 678 in september 2018 and it's been used nearly every day since. The stove has transformed our 4 bed grade 2 listed cottage from being quite cold through the winter into a lovely warm and cosy cottage. We have not needed to use the central heating at all . It is also so easy to use and keep clean,so much easier than our previous cast iron log burner. It's a pleasure dealing with a company who are so professional in what they do, both before & after the installation.
David B


Thanks for the advice about hoovering out the bottom vents. As you can see from the photo get into the side vents is not so easy!

Here is a photograph of our beloved fire.
This will be our third winter here. We moved in in January so did not have a full winter, but used the open fire – a Jet Master and at the same time the oil boiler. That year (3/4 months) we used about £850 in oil and the house felt cold and the fire never made the sitting room warm.

By last winter we had fitted your 678 stove and the whole house was far, far warmer.
We would use the fire at night and the oil boiler to do the rest of the heating by thermostat. That winter we only used £550 of oil in 7/8 months and the sitting room was as cosy as!

And this year, as the boiler had died, we replaced it with an air-source heat pump so are as we currently can be.

So, many thanks for the deep cosy warmth in our home.

You installed our stove earlier this year and I thought I’d let you know that we are loving it. It is a real focal point of our home and everyone who has seen it comments on it. We have a lot of ‘stove envy’ from our friends! It’s extremely effective at heating our whole house, including up to our bedroom which is two floors up in the attic. The stove gives off a lot of heat and is still warm in the morning. It is easy to set the fire and once up to the best temperature, it is easy to maintain the heat. Our dogs can’t get close enough…see attached photo. Many thanks.


Mr & Mrs B
Although the stove has been working for some time we have only recently completed the surrounds, log stores and mantel piece, so it is now the finished article! The stove has performed superbly through the winter and we have needed virtually no secondary heating anywhere in the house, other than comfort underfloor heating in the dining room and bathroom.
David & Louise | France

I can proudly present you our eccostove (Zsolt built it up.):

It indeed keeps its promise! We are very satisfied with it, now winter can come!

Thank you very much!

Sabin - Romania

…we are really pleased with the Ecco Stove, from both appearance and efficiency points of view.  Whilst somewhat quirky, it has certainly drawn attention from almost all visitors here during the parts of the Winter that we were in UK. I have no doubt at all that your company and some of my guests will get acquainted in the not too distance future. 
….both Trish & I offer our genuine thanks for your fabulous attitude to after-sales service......and of course for inventing, producing and installing a great product.
Very many thanks and kind regards

Trish & Tim

I’ve been waiting to see out our first winter before writing a review.

We purchased an Ecco Stove E580 from Ecco Stove Ireland (Forde Superstores) in May 2017. I cannot fault the service or value, great guys.

Our house is a 1840’s cottage, stone built and was notoriously difficult to heat. We installed the Ecco Stove in the place of an old cast iron stove. The old stove would excessively heat the room and leave all the surrounding rooms cold without having to put on the central heating.

Now since the E580 has been installed we have a much more comfortable home and find that the central heating is hardly ever turned on. The heat travels around the whole house.

We’ve also noticed that we tend to let the fire die out much earlier in the evening as the stove continues to give out heat right through the night saving us on fuel and money.


Paul - Ireland

So as Spring is here and the wood burning season almost over here I thought I'd post a quick update for those interested in how this winter has been with our Ecco Stove 580.

First thing to say is that we have saved a huge amount of wood over our old cast iron stove, on the days where we have lit the fire in the morning and kept it going until bedtime, we have used the same amount of wood that we would have in just the evening with the old stove, for that alone we're happy.

As for the temperatures, all rooms did get a couple of degrees warmer with the ecco stove running, so the claims that the heat does move around are true!! We could have our old stove raging so hot that we couldn't sit near it but none of that heat ever got upstairs.

Also our old stove would become cold very very quickly once it had gone out whereas the heat stayed in the ecco stove for a good few hours afterwards, clearly all the while cooling but when touched in the morning after being out for 7 hours the stove material would be a little over room temperature still, this HAS to be a huge help to kick out heat over night or when we've been out of an evening.

I'm sure we'd have better performance from the bigger models as they are measured to retain heat for much longer than the little 580 due to the extra mass but anything bigger would be too big for our house.

So, not a cheap stove but we're more than happy with the extra expense which will soon pay for itself in wood savings.



Stuart, Tuscany, Italy.
I have been meaning to write to you for a while now - just to thank you so very much for all the help you have given, taking me through the steps necessary for a successful firing and answering my many questions with such patience! The service given by you, and your staff, has been impressive!

Just as delighted, am I, with the efficiency of this little stove. In a relatively large house, it gets warm really quickly and it is quite surprising how much heat the stove gives out so soon after firing - and goes on giving it out some time after I’ve stopped putting logs on too. We have all been really enjoying it because it has made such a difference to the whole house.

Thank you once again for your excellent service! It has been such a help.

With kindest regards,


Having owned an Ecco Stove 678 for the past four winters, I thought I would let you know what a massive difference it has made.

In general, the house is warmer than when we used the central heating and the Ecco Stove has turned a cold and unused area into the place of choice to sit.

Our house is large with four bedrooms. Half is over 100 years old and thermally inefficient and the other half is a twenty year old extension. The stove is positioned in an open area in the centre of the house where heat can circulate to all rooms.

Usage - we use approx seven cubic metres of logs per winter. When the daytime temperature is around 10°C, we light the stove late morning or early afternoon. As the daytime temperature decreases, we light it earlier. At the moment (April 2017), with daytime temperatures at around 12°C and 3°C overnight, we light the stove at lunch time, get it up to temperature and keep it there for a couple of hours, then let the fire die. The house stays warm through the evening and isn't cold in the morning.

Central heating - during winter 2015/16, which was quite warm, we used the heating for approx 14 hours. This winter (2016/17), which has had much colder spells, we have used the heating for approx 28 hours. Even when the daytime temperature was plus 1 or 2°C and night-time was -7°C, we still didn't use the heating. The whole house is warm whereas before the stove was installed, we kept room doors closed and only kept a few warm.

We often say how glad we are that we had the stove installed. Visitors comment on how much heat it produces and its design, which looks good even in a period setting. So far, we have had two different chimney sweeps and neither have seen anything like the Ecco Stove. Last year's even took photos to show his guild and trade colleagues.

I hope this gives you some useful information on how one of your stoves is used and I would like to say a big 'thank you' for your excellent service.

Yours sincerely,



Gordon - Cambridgshire
It’s lovely, it heats the whole home and with a little Thermosite it burns for 24 hours
Jill UK
Our Electricity bill for 2017 January was 24% less than 2016 January. Plus the hallway, staircase, and some part of the upper floor was a lot warmer so we hardly needed to use our other heat source.
Aki Yoshimizu | Japan | E678

We still need lots of wood, but now that wood is put to good use warming the house. We know to leave the doors open and the stove retains heat for around 12 hours once the fire has gone out. It doesn’t stay lit overnight or if we are out for longer than about four hours, but the heat is held in the stove so this is not necessary. It’s a small price to pay for not cutting up our beautiful panelling, and was approximately a third of the price of a central heating system.


Click here to read more.

Naomi - UK

The heat generated for the amount of logs used from our Ecco Stove E580 is excellent. The heat flow around the house is effective and so appreciated because our bedrooms are now warm!

I was told as a child ‘I was born in a barn!’ as I hated closing doors and I’m still the same. With our Ecco Stove masonry heater, I now leave doors open knowing the heat is circulating around the house. The central heating bill has been greatly reduced.

Catherine P - Warwickshire

Once up to heat the Ecco Stove E678 wood burning masonry heater allows warm air to percolate throughout the house, even up to the bedrooms off the upstairs landing. With no other heating, even this area, it’s kept at a constant 16 degrees C.

We didn't expect such a good result from the Ecco Stove and we’re delighted with its performance as an alternative heating solution. We have been delighted both with the stove and also from the after sales service that we have received from Ecco Stove.

Charles - Suffolk, UK

According to the gauge on our propane tank, we’ve used next to nothing since we started running the E850 Ecco Stove about 7 days ago!

Our range of temperature within the house is between 68 and 72 degrees F. We generally only fuel the Ecco Stove mornings and evenings. I’m confident that if the grid went down, our household heating wouldn’t be affected. What an amazing alternative heating system ... and just from one easy-to-use wood burning heater.

Terry - Wisconsin, USA

The performance of the Ecco Stove has exceeded all our expectations, as we have only used our oil boiler to heat the house when we haven’t been at home, otherwise our house is now heated entirely by the wood burning stove.

They came out and thoroughly surveyed our house and not only prepared both a works plan and quote but gave us an idea of how the stove we had chosen (an Ecco Stove E730) would perform and heat each room, which turned out to be accurate.

Mark - UK

We’re really happy with our new Ecco Stove masonry heater and the very fine service we received from the company during the installation. The whole process from survey to installation and commissioning ran perfectly.

The fitters arrived on time and were very courteous and considerate whilst in our home. All the work was carried out to the highest standard and left clean and tidy on completion.

M & B Braley - UK

The Ecco Stove is very easy to use. Lighting the masonry heater in the morning takes 5 mins or less, and within minutes it’s giving out comforting warmth. The temperature downstairs is usually between 16-18 degrees in the morning, and the stove will have been burned down by midnight.

With this alternative heating solution, we’ve made a huge reduction on our oil heating bill, as that is used for heating only for a one and a half hour boost at getting up and going to bedtime.

Adrian - UK

Visually, this is a wonderful stove, especially in the grey finish. It looks both traditional and hi-tech at the same time, but with softer lines than cast-iron wood burners.

Opening the ash drawer a couple of centimeters turns a glow into a furnace with flames quickly spiraling throughout the firebox and producing enormous amounts of heat energy. The Ecco Stove is an excellent piece of alternative heating innovation, using the natural heat capacity of Silicon Carbide to release heat slowly through the day as needed.

David - UK

I was initially worried that we would have to use up huge amounts of wood, but that’s not the case. After the initial firing, one can add the odd log from time to time and the Ecco Stove keeps ticking over nicely to find the oven in itself still warm the next morning.

The masonry stove runs so efficiently that hardly any ash is left in the grate either, which is truly astounding and hassle-free. Visitors are always impressed by our Ecco Stove!

Dr. Bryan - UK

We have had a second stove, an Ecco 580 installed in the cottage next door, and are confident that there will be no need to have supplementary heat sources in the 3-bedroom Victorian cottage.

The stoves aren't cheap, but the true comparison is not with other wood burners, but with other forms of central heating. If you have an old house or a barn conversion and dread the disruption and cost of retrofitting a conventional central heating system, this is the way to go.

Christopher - UK
The warmth delivered by the Ecco Stove is so different from previous wood burning stoves. We have struggled to heat our house comfortably with the central heating and we were either too hot or too cold, but the stove does a great job and we don’t have to worry about the children and the dog around the fire.
Pete - UK
We have been very please with our stove, in fact it has really changed the way we use our house. We live in a draughty farm cottage and some rooms were previously pretty much no go area in the winter, now they are cosy and warm. The estimate of the room temperatures and of wood usage given by Pete were accurate and the stove is economical.
Saffron & Alex
Just been through our first winter with an E678 (ran all day every day as necessary between mid September and mid May) and it has not been without it's challenges, but advice has always been at the end of the phone and we have had a couple of visits to help us. We are an all electric, 1960s four bedroom house and our electricity bills have reduced by over £100 per month. Obviously some of the savings have gone on wood and we are already stockpiling wood for next winter as one of our key learnings is kiln dried wood is expensive so buy seasoned early and store. Due to a flue issue, we couldn't use the stove for a couple of days and wow did we notice the difference, really woke us up to how it just quietly chugs along in the background keeping the place warm. We still have lots to learn, but so far so good. Also worth saying the type of heat is far preferable to that from gas central heating, it is less 'drying'. One suggestion would be that the user FAQs could be greatly improved, you guys just don't realise how useful whats in your head would be in online FAQs!
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