Thatched Properties

Thatched properties are a beautiful addition to any area, but it can be difficult to get insurance for two reasons where stoves and open fires are concerned:

1. Heat transfer from the chimney to the thatch.
2. Sparks and embers landing on the thatch.

Ecco Stove and Eldfast Ceramic Lining combined provides a solution that resolves both of these issues.

The Ecco Stove® is a masonry heater comprised of modular sections complete with built in contraflow channels. Before the spent combustion gases leave the stove they must pass through these channels. This reduces the flue gas temperature and at the same time collects nearly all sparks and embers in the base to be safely vacuumed out at a later point.

With a flue gas temperature of only 220°c under abuse firing conditions and a typical flue gas temperature of 110-180°c. This is a significant decrease over traditional stoves and open fires which can easily reach 350-550°c.

These masonry heaters are also much safer in the room itself with as low as 1/3rd of the surface temperature of a traditional metal stove. Heat is instead radiated gently for up to 12 hours after the fire has gone out.