Maintaining your Ecco Stove

The Ecco Stove masonry heater range has been designed for not only optimum performance, but also ease of maintenance and parts replacement.

Although our Ecco Stoves are low maintenance, they are different to a conventional log burner, therefore they have to be maintained and treated differently to a ‘normal’ stove.

We have a whole section on YouTube dedicated to our Stove Care advice. 

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Ecco Stove – Stove Care – Lighting for the season – Tips, tricks and best practises

Dave discusses best practises when lighting the stove at the beginning of the season and addresses some of our common FAQs. A must watch for all Ecco Stove owners, new, old and prospective!

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Ecco Stove – Stove Care – Cleaning the contraflow channels

The Ecco Stove is a slow heat release stove and as such has contraflow channels that ensure the maximum heat is retained from the fire and the most efficient burn is achieved (Unlike a conventional wood burning stove which will send the gases straight over a baffle arrangement). Typically this is a difficult process with this type of stove but with the Ecco Stove it is a simple 5-10 minute operation.

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Ecco Stove – Stove Care – Refuelling your stove

Refuelling the Ecco Stove is a simple task due to the retained heat within the slow heat release stove. In this video we show the best and safest way to refuel your Ecco Stove ready for the next heating cycle. Always remember to open the door slightly before opening fully to load and to increase your primary air to allow combustion as with all wood burning stoves this is the essential catalyst.

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Ecco Stove – Stove Care – Emptying the ashpit

The efficient burn of the combustibles reduces the amount of ash to dispose of and the shovel design of the ash pan makes emptying the left over ash a simple process. We would recommend you empty the ash pan every 1-2 days to ensure you have adequate primary airflow for optimum combustion.

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Ecco Stove – Stove Care – Lighting your stove

The more you use the Ecco Stove the easier it becomes to light as it holds in the heat from your previous burn cycle. This video shows how to light the fire from a cold start to ensure you can walk away knowing your home will begin heating up again soon.

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Ecco Stove – Stove Care – Cleaning your glass

The Ecco Stove will clean the glass itself when fired at optimum capacity via the internal temperature of the combustion chamber and the airwash system as with a conventional wood burning stove. However should you find a build up on the glass that you would like to clean off in between firing, this video shows a simple method of keeping the glass crystal clear during your slow heat release stove general maintenance.

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Ecco Stove – Stove Care – Optimum performance

The Ecco Stove is very simple to use, with very little input from the user you can achieve the optimum result and achieve the highly efficient burn that the slow heat release Ecco Stove has become known for. When the optimum temperatures are achieved the stove captures the heat so that it can be distributed throughout the day or night to your home as opposed to a conventional wood burning stove which only radiates heat for a short period after firing.

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Stove Care – Heating the contraflow channels

During colder days, its important to heat the contraflow channels on your Ecco Stove to avoid any issues with smoke. Our simple step by step video shows how you can do this and incorporate as part of your everyday Winter routine. Please note this is only for the below models: EC645, EC678, EC730 and E850.