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Fuel Types | Wood & Smokeless Fuel

Choosing the right fuel is very important when getting ready for the heating season with your Ecco Stove. The Ecco Stove is designed to burn wood and smokeless fuels and due to its efficient burn can also burn wood in a smokeless zone (DEFRA exempt).

Biomass fuel is a generic term used to describe material that has come from living or recently living organisms. The most common being wood (logs), wood pellets, wood chips, Peat, manure, crops and other scrap timber. Biomass is an important step in maintaining our environment as it is low carbon or is carbon neutral in its emissions, which creates a closed carbon cycle.


How it works


Trees absorb CO² from the atmosphere using sunlight (Photosynthesis). When the tree is cut down and used for fuel the CO² is released back into the atmosphere during combustion / burning. As long as the trees that have been cut down are replaced with new ones the released CO² is reabsorbed. This creates a renewable source of fuel that contributes to the environment as opposed to damaging it.

The more efficient the stove the better it is at reducing the harmful material released when biomass is burned. The Ecco Stove has been tested at 88% efficiency and 0.07% carbon output (EC678) making it one of the more efficient wood burning stove / slow heat release stove / masonry heaters on the market.

Smokeless fuel often looks similar to coal but designed to burn much more cleanly. The Ecco Stove is capable of burning this material having a grate and primary air-flow directed through it to ignite and maintain combustion. The Ecco Stove has been designed to burn these fuels as well as wood (logs).


PINE/FUR 410 2.6 60% 1 SUMMER
POPLAR 465 2.6 65% 1 SUMMER
ASH 674 4.1 35% 1 SUMMER
BEECH 690 4.3 45% ½ SUMMER
BIRCH 662 4.1 45% 1 SUMMER
OAK 770 4.5 50% 2/3 SUMMER
ELM 540 3.6 60% 2/3 SUMMER
Logs stacked and air dried 20% humidity 4.2 kw/kg
Logs Kiln Dried 20% humidity 5 to 5.8 kw/kg

*DENSITY refers to weight by volume.




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