Cleaning your Ecco Stove



Like coventional cast iron stoves, we advise getting your stove swept once to twice per year. 

We recommend using a registered sweep to get the stove swept. Please be mindful due to the internal set up of all our stoves,  the stoves need to be swept through a sweeping hatch on the flue pipe. 

If your sweep has any problems or questions sweeping your stove, please advise them to get in contact with us. 

Cleaning the body

If you have a painted stove, we do not recommend cleaning the stove except from removing dust and residue with a duster. We do provide an extra tin of paint to touch up any areas of your stove if required. You are able to order extra paint from us should you require some. 

If you have a natural (unpainted finish) stove, we advise the best way to remove any soot marks is by sanding the surface with sandpaper. Complete this sparingly and always get in touch should you have any questions in the process.

Cleaning the glass

The best way to clean the glass on your Ecco Stove or any wood burning stove is to use a damp cloth/tissue paper and dip in the ash and use the ash as an abrasive to clean the glass.

Keep on top of your glass cleaning to avoid a build up. 

Ensure you are burning dry wood as burning wet wood will cause extra smoke which will blacken the glass. 

Best practise is to ensure that wood is placed towards the back of the stove to avoid the flames licking the glass. 

Wiping away condensation when lighting the stove from cold ensures that the smoke doesn’t stick to the glass and is general best practise. 

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