Frequently Asked Questions

The Ecco Stove will heat much more of the house than just a room so can usually get pay back for the cost of the stove alone within 4 years (subject to fuel supply costs).

No, just the opposite correctly sized Ecco Stove ® won’t overheat the room yours is the choice to heat the room gently or open doors, fire the stove harder and heat much more of the house. Any adjacent rooms will be just 1° or so cooler than sat 2.5m (8’) in front of the stove.

Anything from a house with 7 up to 14 rooms dependent upon model (see Product Specification)

The stove can stand anywhere within the house and deliver the same wrap around warmth – centre positioning is not essential.

A concrete pad off a firm foundation is ideal, or a strengthened suspended floor is quite acceptable (floor supports should be professionally designed in).

Wrap around warmth generated by the Ecco Stove is not heavy and cloying or tiring as some methods of heat delivery produce. It will circulate the room and rooms off the stoves position gently and evenly leaving you feeling fresh not tired.

The models weigh between 250kgs and 800kgs.

We have 8 standard colours which are Natural (stone finish), Light Metallic Grey, Sparkle Black, Flat Black, Honeyglow Brown, Metallic Blue, Forest Green and Mojave Red. These can be mixed and matched as required between the stove body and ironware parts, confirmed when ordering.

On the outside it can be freshened up with soapy water (when cold). Inside the flue channels usually once or twice a year.

Silicon Carbide is the next hardest wearing material to diamond.

About 5-10 minutes once or twice a year.

Contact us for an up to date price with your chosen specification.