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The Ecco Stove®  is a hybrid wood fired heater combining thermal mass masonry heater technology with high performance wood burning stove design in a modular construction for easy assembly. Using the properties of Silicon Carbide a mineral originally found in meteorites, the Ecco Stove can not only retain heat for up to 12 hours after the fire has gone out (678 model) but also distribute the heat over considerably larger areas than alternative standalone wood burning stoves and masonry heaters.


With more questions being asked about the environmental impact of wood burning stoves and masonry heaters the Ecco Stove provides a carbon neutral clean burning solution surpassing the emission requirements of the European design standard for 2022. We have heavily invested in designing a system that has minimal impact on the environment while getting the most out of your fuel.


In January 2018 Ecco Stove celebrated 10 years of production with over 500 hybrid wood burning masonry stoves in homes throughout the UK, Ireland, United States, Canada, France, Belgium, Germany, Japan and Italy with more Nations adopting the Ecco Stove wood burning stoves natural heat each year.


If you are considering wood fired heating or looking to upgrade from your existing wood burning stove or masonry heater give our customer service team a call or email today and find out what the Ecco Stove could do for your home.


Here are some of the features you could enjoy this winter:


  • Store 25% of charged heat 12 hours after the fire has gone out (678 model).
  • Heat from as little as a room to a whole house with Natural Heat (up to 280m² 850 model).
  • Safer for the home environment due to lower surface temperatures.
  • Low maintenance requirements reducing your ongoing costs.
  • A simple control method is easy to use and master wood fired heating.
  • No more overheating a single room just cosy, balanced warmth from room to room.
  • Stay in control and future proof your heating costs without the need for electricity, produced / manufactured fuels or air circulation systems

Interview with Managing Director - David Ashmore, who explains how Ecco Stove was conceived to offer an alternative biomass heating solution.


Our team is ready to help. Either call or email us and let us help you select the best Ecco Stove masonry heater for your alternative heating needs. We're happy to carry out a site visit wherever possible or connect you with other happy customers, who are happy to show off their Ecco Stove biomass heating system in action!
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I have been meaning to write to you for a while now - just to thank you so very much for all the help you have given, taking me through the steps necessary for a successful firing and answering my many questions with such patience! The service given by you, and your staff, has been impressive!

Just as delighted, am I, with the efficiency of this little stove. In a relatively large house, it gets warm really quickly and it is quite surprising how much heat the stove gives out so soon after firing - and goes on giving it out some time after I’ve stopped putting logs on too. We have all been really enjoying it because it has made such a difference to the whole house.

Thank you once again for your excellent service! It has been such a help.

With kindest regards,



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