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Heating capacityUp to 220m(2368ft²)
Rooms Heated9 - 10 rooms

Fuel types

Wood logs or smokeless fuel
Tested on Wood logs
Standard tested to EN15250
Defra Exempt
Height 884mm (34¾”)
Width 645mm (25 1/3")
Depth 525mm (20¾”)
Weight 600kgs (1323lbs)
Flue outlet dia 150mm (6”)
Top flue outlet from rear145mm
Rear flue outlet from base744mm
Output at EN15250 8.4kw / 28662 BTU
Stored Heat25% at 8.4 hours
Log Length340mm
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The EC645 brings the latest developments of the Ecco Stove range together in a culmination of both design and efficiency. Lending itself to both traditional and modern environments with top ad rear flue exits the EC645 makes installing a masonry heater in your home even easier.

Passing EN15250 certification at 93% efficiency the EC645 now not only ranks as the most efficient stove in the Ecco Stove range but one of the highest in the industry.
Masonry heaters are traditionally heavier than normal wood burning stoves due to the considerable advantages of thermal mass.

Ecco Stove ® EC645 features:

  • Retains 8.4 hrs of usable heat after fire has been extinguished.
  • No radiators, ducting or electrics required.
  • As little as two fires a day to heat throughout the home.
  • High quality solid mineral throughout (Silicon Carbide) for gentle and even heat distribution.
  • Air wash clear glass.
  • 10 year warranty.
  • Top or rear exit.
  • Extensive range of colours.

Download Specification Sheet for the Ecco Stove EC645
Our Electricity bill for 2017 January was 24% less than 2016 January. Plus the hallway, staircase, and some part of the upper floor was a lot warmer so we hardly needed to use our other heat source.
Aki Yoshimizu | Japan | E678