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The E645 retains several features of a conventional stoves while having the beating heart of a masonry heater. With an increased body thickness the surface temperature is also lower than the other models in the range. This works well for a three-bedroom property with a small room in which the stove is located or a more modern well insulated home. At 600kgs this model has a similar mass to the ever popular 678 with a slightly narrower width and increased height.

Passing EN15250 certification at 93% efficiency the EC645 now not only ranks as the most efficient stove in the Ecco Stove range, but also one of the most efficient worldwide. Heating a much larger area than a traditional metal stove while burning more cleanly and efficiently with as little as 7kg of logs. The continuous and balanced warmth from the stone body will heat up to a 220m² property, without using radiators or electricity and without over heating the room in which the stove stands. 

Find out how much of your home could be heated with the E645 by asking our customer service team about a free heat plan estimate.

Also available with the Hot Box, Domestic Hot Water or the external air kit to make the EC645 the heart of your home for years to come. 

EC645 Stove


Key Features

Ecco Design Ready 2022

Fitted with a catalyser for a cleaner burn

Heats upto 220m2

Heat up to a 220m² area (Up to 10 rooms.

Silicon Carbide body

Long lasting, high quality solid mineral (Silicon Carbide) parts throughout.

Upto 10 Hours Heat

Up to 10 hours of heat from just 7kg of fuel

Tri-baffle system

Tri-Baffle system to capture as much heat from flue gases as possible.

10 Year warranty

Every Ecco stove comes with an industry leading 10 Year Warranty
Height 884mm (34¾”)
Width 645mm (25 1/3″)
Depth 525mm (20¾”)
Weight 600kgs (1323lbs)
Flue outlet diameter 150mm (6”)
Flue centre from rear 145mm
Log length 340mm
Minimum opening size height 1164mm (46″)
Minimum opening size width 895mm (351 /2″
Eco Design ReadyEC645 Model
Heating CapacityUpto 220m2 (2368ft²)
Rooms HeatedUpto 10
Fuel TypesWood logs
Standard tested toEN15250
EEI RatingA+
Output at EN132408.4kw / 28662 BTU

To be advised on contact and subject to a final quotation based on customer location.

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