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Warranty Terms and Conditions


The Company = Ecco Stove Limited: The Purchaser = the individual or Company the product is sold to: The Product = The Ecco Stove E678.

1. Please read your user instructions to ensure that you get the best from your Ecco Stove E678. Operating it properly is essential for this type of appliance to get the correct results. Always ask for help if you are unsure

2. Warranty Conditions

This warranty becomes effective only after the following:- The product has been installed by a recognised in Country registered installer for its type. The product must be initially operated in line with the operation manual. The product must be built in line with the operation / assembly manual (see especial regard to chimney draught). The registration form must be completed and returned to the Company within 21 days of installation (see last page).

3. Warranty Period

Silicon Carbide parts are warranted for 10 years from the date of purchase (the date purchased from the Company). Surface/hairline cracks internally to the appliance, provided component parts remain intact, are deemed acceptable with Silicon Carbides initial curing. Cast iron parts are warranted for 3 years against defect which may make them unusable in normal operation. Steel parts are warranted for 2 years against defect which may make them unusable in context. Baffle plates, vermiculite parts; grate bars; glass and rope seals are considered consumables and not covered by this warranty.

4. Liability

The warranty covers replacement parts or items only labour to install is not covered. No claims for consequential loss is accepted by the company or covered by this warranty.

5. Maintenance

Periodic maintenance is necessary for the correct performance of your Ecco Stove E678. Internal flue cleaning at least twice during a burning season, when your stove is in constant use, along with flue sweeping twice annually. However, both baffle boards must be removed and checked for debris lying on top of each when the flue is swept (twice annually – once during and once at the end of the burn season with a check for blockages before re-starting the stove).

6. Replacement Parts

The Company reserves the right to replace parts as deemed fit or replace the appliance if so decided. Replacement parts are free of charge but labour to install such parts is not covered by this warranty.

7. Finishes

Paint finishes will change colour with use. This warranty does not cover such changes.

8. Fuels

The warranty only applies to the use of wood logs on your Ecco Stove E678. Coals or processed petrol chemical fuels void the warranty as their use may produce blockage in flue ways. Wood logs must be seasoned (dried) to up to 20% humidity to prevent premature blocking of the flue ways. Any signs of tarring within the Ecco Stove E678 will identify the use of sub-standard fuel.

9. Rights

This warranty does not affect your statutory consumer rights which remain as in the Country where the sale or contract for your Ecco Stove E678 was made. Specifications Dimensions and specifications in your Ecco Stove E678 sales and technical literature is given as a guide only and should not be relied on entirely.

In the interest of product improvement the Company reserves the right to change specifications without notice.

Painted finish note:

As the Silicon Carbide masonry body of the Ecco Stove will absorb both temperature and moisture it is possible that in certain environments of high humidity or where condensation is present either in the surroundings or within the flue, it can cause paint to bubble or flake on the stoves outer body. This typically occurs after re-firing when the stove has periods without use during the colder weather or when building works such as fresh plaster have taken place in and around the area the stove is situated. In this event simply rub down the affected area with a light sandpaper or wire brush to remove loose material, clean and respray with the paint provided. If you do not have the original paint provided with the stove you can purchase Thermacure or Calfire high temperature spray and brush on paints from most wood burning stove outlets. Always apply the paint when the stove surface in 25°c or lower or as per the instructions on the paint if lower